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Lehengas or ghagra-cholis hold a lot of importance in weaving the beauty of our Indian culture, which is full of richly vibrant colours of ethnic and traditional yarns! This outfit has been clothing a bride on her D-Day for past so many years and will keep on completing the true meaning of her trousseau for years to come.

The lehenga for 8 years old girl whole charm of a bride is dependent on the beauty of lehenga she is wearing on her wedding day! There was a time when very limited options used to be available to choose from, but with constant changes coming in the fashion industry, a wide variety of lehenga styles have commenced making their respective place in the markets and women's minds. Given below are the types of lehengas that one could go for:

1. A-Line Lehenga

The A-Line lehenga is perfect to go for girls having a heavy bottom or pear shaped body type. It goes perfectly fitting around your waist area and flows down towards the hemline increasing in its girth. It beautifully covers up for your bottom portion and gives you a nicely balanced appeal!

2. Straight-Cut Lehenga

This lehenga follows a very straight pattern! The lehenga skirt falls straight from top to bottom, giving no room for flare to enter in between. This style looks very charming on girls having a petite figure, as it perfectly accentuates their structure. While plump girls shall stay away from straight-cut lehengas to avoid getting embarrassed on their very D-Day.

3. Jacket Style Lehenga

This style has newly entered into the league of lehengas and is doing a good round of work in embellishing the glamour of modern brides. All the chic fashionable divas are opting for jacket style lehengas in which the skirt is kept very flary and the blouse is replaced with a beautifully embellished jacket. An edge over others is what this style gives out to the girl wearing it on her wedding day!

4. Circular lehenga

As the name itself suggests its type, a circular lehenga goes all the way flowy and flary to adorn the beauty of Indian traditional look. While getting such a lehenga stitched, you must choose a free flowy fabric to give more perfection to the flare of the skirt. And pair it up with an elegant embellished choli.

5. Mermaid style lehenga

If you possess a curvaceous body then this style is definitely meant for you! Mermaid style lehenga gives you the impression of a fish's structure, as it goes tightly hugging your lower portion till your knees and after that it goes on to flare out gracefully. Its' a perfect match for girls with an hour-glass or slim figure!

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