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What essays are written in elementary school?

Personal descriptions
In a personal description, as the name suggests, people are described as clearly as possible. The goal is to observe as accurately as possible and translate what you see into words. Descriptions of people are written for both real people and fictional characters. Detailed information and observations, as well as adjectives, are especially important here to make the text understandable. Unlike characterization, which focuses on a person's internal characteristics, it only focuses on external characteristics.
You can find exercises and tasks for describing people on the Internet, and you can also find help in essay writing help from Here, professional authors can help you in independence, whether you are a schoolboy or a student!!

Emotional Stories
Stimulus stories are essays written using given words. Here, of course, it is important when you want to write my essay the main thing is that all the stimulus words really appear in the essay and play their role. The content of the story is mostly free, the narration should only be exciting and lively. Stimulus words serve to stimulate the imagination. Exercises and worksheets for verbal stimulus stories can be found online.

In experiential storytelling, events best experienced by the children themselves are described in writing. The topics are varied, often describing the experience of the last vacation. It is important that the essay is lively, clear and exciting. In the type my essay  elements such as direct speech and adjectives help. Here are exercises for writing a story about the experience.

stories with pictures
In this type of essay, the story must be told using one or more images. If there are several pictures, then when writing a story, you must follow the order of the pictures. Students can use the pictures to create their own story. Accurate descriptions are important here, and in order to make the essay lively and engaging, the use of literal speech and adjectives is again important. You will find more detailed explanations and exercises for the story from the pictures on our website.


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